Category: Murex Activities

Majlis Experience – 2 Hours

An integral part of Qatari culture is the Majlis which is a place where Qataris sit, talk, drink coffee, play board games, eat Arabic sweets and share stories. We will take you to a real Majlis where you will experience Qatari hospitality and learn more about the culture.

Falcon Activity – 2 Hours

Learn all about this beautiful bird of prey that is much revered in Qatar.  Your guide will show you around the Falcon Souq, the Falcon Hospital and you will meet experts who breed and train these stunning animals.  This activity would naturally not be complete without you being able to handle them yourself and being photographed with them.

Qatari or Lebanese Cooking Class – 4 Hours

We have teamed up with a wonderful local restaurant in Doha whose chef will teach you how to cook delicious Qatari or Lebanese dishes.  No experience or equipment is necessary as they will provide everything you need, including a sumptuous meal after for you to enjoy.

Photowalk – 2 Hours

You do not need to be an experienced photographer or have any special equipment to take part in a photowalk with us – a smartphone will suffice.  We will take you to places where you can capture stunning images of Souq Waqif, the Museum of Islamic Art or any other location you agree with your guide.

Rababah/Bedouin Activity – 2 Hours

This is a hands-on acitivity during which you will watch and participate in the making of a tradional Rababah while having an authentic Bedouin experience. The Rababah is a one-string Bedouin instrument played at night and with which poems are recited. Our event organiser will also you how it is played. Should you wish to make your own Rababah to take home, please let us know. Price will obviously vary…

Oud (fragrance) Activity – 2 Hours

During this activity you will go on a stroll around Souq Waqif smelling and seeing all the various Oud that is on sale and then we will have a talk by a specialist who will explain the process involved in preparing good quality Oud, what makes some Oud very expensive and its significance in Qatari culture.

Scuba Diving – 5 Hours

We are able to provide all kinds of scuba diving training at all levels, including PADI training. We offer Tech Diving as well as Free Diving and our boats can take you to several destinations around Qatar to serve the needs of more experienced divers for deeper and more challenging dives. All training and equipment is provided.

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