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City Tours

2 Choose from one of our three City Tours with a licensed and experienced guide: 1 Katara – AbdulWahab Mosque – Souq Waqif – Corniche 2 Museum of Islamic Art – The Pearl – Corniche – Souq Waqif 3 Souq Waqif – Musherib Museums (with lunch)

Majlis Experience – 2 Hours

An integral part of Qatari culture is the Majlis which is a place where Qataris sit, talk, drink coffee, play board games, eat Arabic sweets and share stories. We will take you to a real Majlis where you will experience Qatari hospitality and learn more about the culture.

Falcon Activity – 2 Hours

Learn all about this beautiful bird of prey that is much revered in Qatar.  Your guide will show you around the Falcon Souq, the Falcon Hospital and you will meet experts who breed and train these stunning animals.  This activity would naturally not be complete without you being able to handle them yourself and being photographed with them.

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